Cybex Circuit Training Machines + Stretching Area

Cybex Training Area

Functional Trainer

8 Upper Body Machines

2 Core Machines

9 Lower Body Machines

2 Rowers

Spin Area with Brand New StarTrac Spin Cycles


Stretching Area

Padded Floor

Medicine & Exercise Balls

Foam Rollers


Cardio Area

Variety of Stair Steppers and Ellipticals


Stationary Cycles

Free Weight Area

Multi-Station Cable Machine

Assisted & Unassisted Squat Bars

Assisted & Unassisted Bench Press

Precor Functional Trainer

Dumbbells & Barbells


Jump Boxes

Battle Ropes

Bosu Balls

Mind Body Yoga Studio

Low Light for Optimal Relaxation


Newly-Redone Flooring

Mirrored Walls for Open Feel

Group Fitness Room

Spacious Area with Mirrored Walls

Huge Variety of Group Fitness Classes for Every Lifestyle and Schedule

TRX Bands