This initial consultation is an opportunity for you to get to know your personal trainer and vice versa. The conversation will center around your workout history any injuries you may have sustained, your goals and why you have sought out personal training.

  • Share your workout history, your goals and get to know your trainer!

  • Come dressed and ready for a great workout!

  • Leave feeling empowered and full of positive motivation to get after your goals!

Once you have had your assessment, your trainer will work with you to create a customized workout plan. Together, you will develop and practice a targeted exercise regimen.  During your sessions, your trainer will help you perfect your form and maximize efficiency.   

  • Learn correct exercise technique and form.

  • Build confidence in your physical abilities and get motivated to go outside of your comfort zone at the gym.

  • Feel motivated and challenged by your trainer for a more enhanced workout experience.


Now that you and your trainer have put a plan in place and you have refined it with regular workouts comes the most critical part of the process: maintenance and accountability. Schedule regular sessions with a trainer to keep building on your successes.

  • Execute your routine independently and with confidence!

  • Feel great about your hard work and continue to be successful at the gym!

  • Take your fitness to the next level by repeating this process and regularly hire a trainer to modify or enhance your regimen!