Hatha: Alignment based holds to correct and refine yoga postures

Vinyasa: Breath based movement transitioning from one yoga pose to another


Yoga Foundations with Karen

This early bird yoga class will teach the foundational postures of yoga in the correct form to reduce injury, build strength and bring intention to breath work. All levels of fitness welcome.


Power Yoga with Josephine and Desiree

This is alignment-based power Vinyasa focuses on body position and fluid movements to transition between poses that facilitate strength and flexibility. This class promotes strengthening and stretching the body.  Explore how to incorporate breath with movement.  Working from the inside out you will gain a deeper level of stability and understanding of your body. Open to all fitness levels and abilities.


All Levels with Sam and Josephine

An alignment-based Hatha yoga aimed at strengthening and stabilizing the body, All-Levels Yoga combines a slow vinyasa warm up with longer standing poses and balancing combinations, using specific cues to modify and intensify poses for the different students in the class. All students and levels are welcome.


Gentle Yoga with Josephine

Gently stretch rigid connective tissue, tight ligaments and tendons.  60 minutes of calm poses and gentle movement - ALL fitness levels welcome