Meet your trainers: Monica Lynne

Do what you love, and love what you do.

This is the motto that resonates with our trainer and instructor Monica Lynne. For years, Lynne has kept Washingtonians motivated to be their best selves through exercise and proper nutrition.

When Lynne was in her early twenties, she worked as an accountant, but felt unfulfilled with her work. After receiving a degree from Central Washington University, she took on a new role as a high school health teacher and a personal trainer.

“I like the people who come in and really want to be worked,” said Lynne, “What really keeps me motivated is the conversation between me and whoever wants help.”

Certified by the American College of Sports Medicine, Lynne is the proprietor of Balancing Life, a wellness organization that offers workshops for businesses and other groups on how to live as healthily as possible.

Lynne said she feels energized by chatting with clients about their needs and goals. Assisting others, she said, gives her the motivation to be the best she can be in turn.

An avid hiker, runner and lover of books, Lynne believes in fueling the body right for complete wellness. Her advice to those wanting to improve their fitness or diet is to make incremental changes on a consistent basis.

“Every small change you make has a ripple effect on other aspects of your life,” Lynne said.

Monica runs Spin Strength and Core Strength group fitness classes, and provides personal training to individuals. To book a personal session, visit the front desk.