The benefits of group fitness

It can be hard to stay on top of a workout routine. 

Everybody knows this, and those who overcome this hurdle are the ones who see results. While undeniably important, maintaining self-accountability can be exhausting; who doesn't work better when they have like-minded peers to help push them along the path to success? 

We are social animals

Whether you are taking part in an instructor-lead class or just lifting weights with a group of friends, the presence of other people will keep you from getting bored and create a safer environment for your workout. 

According to the American College of Sports Medicine, the most common reason people ditch their workout routine isn't injury or a busy schedule - it's boredom. Having a different group of people doing the same activity keeps things fresh and keep you committed. 

Mix things up

If your goal is to come to the gym 5 times a week, you could use a group fitness session to break up the monotony of the other 4 workouts. Give Zumba a try and dance around, or clear your mind with some yoga. With such variety at your disposal, there's bound to be a group class to fit any mood. 

If instructor-lead classes just aren't your thing, try trading workouts with a friend to make your workout less tedious by doing something completely new or unexpected. 

Do something you normally wouldn't with our group fitness classes. 

Do something you normally wouldn't with our group fitness classes. 

Learn the right way

You might know all the right lifts to get the look you want, but are you doing them correctly? Lifting in a group - especially with an instructor or trainer - opens you up to constructive feedback on your form and technique, and helps prevent undue strain or injury. 

Stay motivated

Sometimes all it takes to get from 0-100 is an extra hi-five. When you're surrounded by peers, you're less likely to create the tiny excuses in your head to quit ahead of time. Especially if you're at all competitive, being in a group could subconsciously keep you focused on finishing ahead - of yourself or your buddy. 

What now? 

Mt Si Sports + Fitness is home to more than 20 group fitness classes - from aerobics and dancing to spin, yoga and strength training. Next time you're in the gym, check out the chalk board for the day's list of classes. We know you'll find one you'll love.