Inaugural Wellness Event & Open House!

Hey, y'all!

We are so excited to unveil our new blog and also highlight our upcoming event! We have worked diligently to put together some amazing deals on membership, provide you with nutritional support, demonstrations on easy, healthy meal prep, opportunities to consult with our incredible personal trainers, body fat testing, the list goes on.

For the first time, we are opening this event up to the public. This means that members have the opportunity to bring their family and friends and share the awesomeness that is Mt Si Sport + Fitness! Not only that, members will receive half off of one month of dues for referring someone who ultimately signs up.

The Main Event

We are pleased to welcome back our MSSF 12-Week Challenge! Being a part of the challenge is a fun, engaging way to get healthy! You will have exclusive access to deals on personal training and membership at the gym if you are not a member already. We're offering 6-packs, 12-packs and 24-packs at steeply discounted rates; 25%, 30%, and 35% off respectively to help you reach your goals across the Challenge and beyond. You'll have a chance to win great prizes, make new friends and get whipped into shape just in time for summer!

To get you started, we are offering two opportunities throughout the day of the event to get detailed information on where you stand from a fitness and nutrition perspective so that you have a baseline to build on across the 12 weeks. These are unique opportunities to learn about your body and help you get started on a path to better health.



7am - 1pm Mobile Hydrostatic Body Fat Testing Clinic

Brian Lee of will be conducting both the Hydrostatic Body Fat Test and Dexa Bone Density Screening. Both tests are highly accurate, non-invasive and a phenomenal pre-cursor to the Challenge.

Hydrostatic Body Composition Test

Described as the most accurate method available. It is used by NASA, the NFL, NCAA and the MLB. It has been featured on shows like The Biggest Loser, Celebrity Fit Club, Workout and The Doctors. You will go under water for approximately 7 seconds in 90-degree water that is chlorinated and highly filtered. You'll need to bring a bathing suit and towel. You will walk away with a details report including your body composition, data supporting an accurate achievable goal, your unique Resting Metabolic Rate based on lean mass and your unique caloric burn with exercise.

DEXA Bone Mineral Density Test

This is a non-invasive, painless and accurate test to measure the density of your bones. Low bone density often goes undetected and increases your risk of fracture. If known, the condition can be reversed. Bone density peaks between the ages of 25-30 so it is prudent to have a bone scan done early to establish a baseline.


1pm - 4pm Simplicity Nutrition - Erin Yaseen, MS, RD

Erin will incorporate a base-line Bio-electrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) during the event to measure your nutrient absorption (measures your cell membrane and what level you absorb nutrients), detox capability and fat flushing ability, basal metabolic rate, total body water, water absorption, water retention and bone mineral content. Nutrient absorption is really the ultimate goal when it comes to food and eating, at least from a health standpoint. If the nutrients from the foods we eat are not absorbed, our bodies will not function properly. Water retention is a measure of inflammation and detoxification capability. If your cell membrane is not healthy even "healthy" food is not delivered into your cells therefore creating a vicious cycle of sugar cravings, inflammation and weight gain. If you are retaining water, you may not be flushing the fat you are trying to lose. Erin will give you practical nutrition advice on how to enhance your cell membrane, improve water balance and set yourself up for success.  

Demo Events

9:30am-10:30am Free Yoga Class wih Carlye Lowell

Join Carlye for an hour of her popular Power Yoga class (regularly available for free to members every Saturday)! If you're not a member, this is a great opportunity to come and sample the offerings of our growing Mind Body Studio at Mt Si Sports + Fitness.

10:30am-11:30am Easy, Healthy Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner with Jeff Hughes

Come and see Chef Jeff of Leaf Catering and he will take you through some very quick ways to make healthy meals with everyday ingredients. Trainer Monica will be giving a narrative while Jeff cooks and also available to answer nutritional questions along the way.

10:00am - 12:00pm Personal Training Q&A with Monica Lynne

12:00pm - 2pm Strength Assessments with Trevor Dolan

Open Gym

Come on down and try us on for size. The gym will be open to tour and try all day. Our friendly staff will be on hand to show you around our 14,000 square foot facility and answer any questions you might have about classes and membership perks. Just check in at the front desk and get signed up for your 1-day pass and you're good to go!

Membership Specials & Referral Program

Event day only, we are offering waived enrollment on month-to-month sign ups! (Although if you call, we might extend this offer ahead of time!) If you are a current member and you refer someone who ultimately signs up, you are eligible for half off up to 3 months of dues within a 12-month period. So bring your friends!

We hope to see you here!