Show Off your Stew this August

Who doesn't love competing with their own recipe?

"The healthiest competition occurs when average people win by putting above average effort." - Colin Powell

You don't have to be a professional chef to create a delicious pot of chili. Anybody and everybody is encouraged to find their favorite recipe from that dog-eared cookbook page, the notecard scratched with pencil in your junk drawer, or that text from your mom. Even if you don't feel like entering, mark your calendars to come down and try out the chili line-up!

The "What's Cookin' Chili Cookoff is August 13

Mt Si Sports and Fitness will once again be occupying Si View Park during the Festival at Mt Si, filling the air with scents of meats, vegetables and spices. 

If you were there last year, then you remember the scene: A tent full of cooks will be competing for a cash prize and trophy with their best chili recipe. Green chili with chicken? Bean and veggie chili? Smoked steak and bacon? Come down to find out. 

Signing up is easy. All competitors have to do is visit the Festival at Mt Si website and fill out the registration form!

Competitors must begin prep ON SITE. The kitchen facility at Si View Park will be open for cooks to prepare any meats safely. Once the time limit has been reached and all the creations are stewing, they will face a gauntlet of hungry festival-goers with ballots in hand. At the same time, a panel of local judges will be grading each entry. 

The top cash prize for People's Choice is $75. The prize for Judge's Choice is $300. 


Heed the Heat: Summertime Workouts

Safety first

In such a beautiful place as the Snoqualmie Valley, there are enough outdoor activities to keep one busy all summer long. That's great for nature enthusiasts, but the sun can be a very real danger and it's important to keep a few things in mind. These may seem like common sense, but we've all seen some folks doing questionable things! 

- By enjoying the outdoors in the morning or evening, you will avoid the hours when the sun's at its most potent. Think of the day's heat as a parabola: from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., your body is most susceptible to damage. If you have a day-long hike planned or just have to be outside all day, be sure to use sun screen! According to Health Research Funding, just 30 minutes in elevated temperatures (around 100 degrees F) is enough to cause cell damage.

- DRINK WATER. Before you go running or hiking in the sun, drink a few glasses of water. Drink an uncomfortable amount of water. Sweating will quickly dehydrate you, and you'll need a water bottle on hand during your activity to replenish your fluids and avoid dizziness or nausea. That feeling you get at the end of a hot day, when you just want to lay down and sleep, can be at least partially mitigated by staying hydrated!

- Your summer activity dress code should include lightly-colored, breathable materials. Don't go out in sweats! By allowing your skin to breath, your sweat can do its job and keep you cool. Try to stick to a shady path. Shouldn't be too hard in the woods. 


Unique exercise opportunities

There are miles and miles of trails in our area. Running on these trails can provide for runners things that a treadmill just can't, and the spiritual experience of exploring the woods will help one relax and contemplate things.

- A dirt or gravel path is a more low-impact surface, and as such is easier on one's joints and bones. At the same time, the departure from a hard and flat surface like a treadmill or road works the ligaments and tendons differently and can help strengthen more than on high-impact surfaces.

- Regardless of any religious affiliation, there's a sense of wonder that comes with being in nature. The therapeutic benefits of nature walks have been documented in Japan and Korea, where researchers found in recent years that time spent in nature seems to increase subjects' immune capacity. The uptick in these disease-killing cells has brought programs like Park Rx to the forefront of natural medicine.

- The world is a jungle gym. Trees to climb, rocks to hurdle, everything you see can be used to get your body moving. The variety of exercises possible in the woods can provide a full-body workout! Flip a log over a few times. Balance across a creek. Stretch your whole body on some low-hanging tree branches. The possibilities are quite endless. 

In your own backyard

In the Valley, we have endless trails and parks. Train tracks and converted train track paths offer gradual climbs and smooth surfaces, whereas Mt Si and Little Si offer a more strenuous workout. Vistas like Rattlesnake Ledge and Mt Si serve as the perfect reward for the trek to the top. There are opportunities everywhere to get lost in the mountains, in a good way. 

The Snoqualmie Valley Trail is part of an old railroad network that used to connect Everett to the Mid-western states. At over 30 miles long, the trail is used by bicyclists and walkers alike (though most walkers will probably choose a section for their trip). The views offered on this trail vary from green farmland near Duvall to the stark mountains and lakes near North Bend and Snoqualmie. Family friendly and very gradual in elevation, this is the perfect trail for a spontaneous day out with the kids or dogs.

Those seeking a longer trip, rejoice! The Snoqualmie Valley Trail actually turns into the John Wayne Pioneer Trail, which traverses the state from west to east. The trail network eventually reaches Chicago, and it's called the Milwaukee Road.

There are endless trails in the area, and a good place to find them all is the Washington Trail Association. 



The benefits of group fitness

It can be hard to stay on top of a workout routine. 

Everybody knows this, and those who overcome this hurdle are the ones who see results. While undeniably important, maintaining self-accountability can be exhausting; who doesn't work better when they have like-minded peers to help push them along the path to success? 

We are social animals

Whether you are taking part in an instructor-lead class or just lifting weights with a group of friends, the presence of other people will keep you from getting bored and create a safer environment for your workout. 

According to the American College of Sports Medicine, the most common reason people ditch their workout routine isn't injury or a busy schedule - it's boredom. Having a different group of people doing the same activity keeps things fresh and keep you committed. 

Mix things up

If your goal is to come to the gym 5 times a week, you could use a group fitness session to break up the monotony of the other 4 workouts. Give Zumba a try and dance around, or clear your mind with some yoga. With such variety at your disposal, there's bound to be a group class to fit any mood. 

If instructor-lead classes just aren't your thing, try trading workouts with a friend to make your workout less tedious by doing something completely new or unexpected. 

Do something you normally wouldn't with our group fitness classes. 

Do something you normally wouldn't with our group fitness classes. 

Learn the right way

You might know all the right lifts to get the look you want, but are you doing them correctly? Lifting in a group - especially with an instructor or trainer - opens you up to constructive feedback on your form and technique, and helps prevent undue strain or injury. 

Stay motivated

Sometimes all it takes to get from 0-100 is an extra hi-five. When you're surrounded by peers, you're less likely to create the tiny excuses in your head to quit ahead of time. Especially if you're at all competitive, being in a group could subconsciously keep you focused on finishing ahead - of yourself or your buddy. 

What now? 

Mt Si Sports + Fitness is home to more than 20 group fitness classes - from aerobics and dancing to spin, yoga and strength training. Next time you're in the gym, check out the chalk board for the day's list of classes. We know you'll find one you'll love. 

Meet your Trainers: Craig Guthrie

Raised a mariner’s son in Nova Scotia, Craig Guthrie has coached Olympic class sailing since 1999 – traveling all around the world in the process, from Canada to Australia, Europe and China.

In Nova Scotia, Guthrie played an important role in establishing sailing programs for youth in his community, coordinating with local yacht clubs to send young athletes to North American and world championships, and eventually the Olympics.

By providing athletes with perspectives on boat and sail designs, boat handling and racing tactics, his guidance and mastery of the sport won Canada its first ever gold medal in sailing during the Beijing games in 2008.

When asked exactly what ‘tactics’ meant in the context of sailing, he proceeded to expertly draw a diagram of a the racetrack including wind direction, tidal and weather predictions and shoreline references and their influences on a sailor's’ decisions. He explained how variation in all those factors dictate what actions sailors make during a race, and that preparation is incumbent on success.

Despite there being a less than robust local sailing scene, Guthrie is in North Bend to provide his preparation and process-based approach to anyone interested in having a trainer who is willing to go the extra steps to ensure maximum performance gains in the gym.

“I’ve never called myself a personal trainer,” Guthrie said, “to be a ‘coach’ is as all-encompassing word. To be a COACH, says more about the person administering the program.”

He added that in his eyes, a coach is more involved than simply demonstrating form and offering advice. While a trainer might count reps and rack weights, a coach needs to perform at a high level to gather data, communicate effectively and to apply specific tools necessary to achieve success.  

At Mt Si Sports + Fitness, Guthrie specializes in kettlebell training, corrective exercise and powerlifting.  Coach Guthrie said unlike dumbbells and other traditional free weights, kettlebells and clubbells challenge muscles with a more practical form of training.

Their shape and size and the moves performed with them help prepare for tasks people actually complete in their everyday lives, such as holding a baby or moving furniture. The exercises he teaches with the kettlebell train one’s entire body, improving balance and core strength as well as developing power and strength in the larger muscle groups.

The December Sweat: The Details

Call it a gift from us. 

Bring in friends or family and accompany them at sign-up for a $35 discount on your monthly dues with our Holiday Referral Special. Offer available through the first of the year - 1/1/17.

Experience the sound of the Down Under.

Experience earthy DIDGERIDOO vibes + gentle YOGA: deep energy healing - restorative mind/body experience.... 

The profound effects of sound therapy combined with yoga include:
-deep energetic shifts
-extreme relaxation
-quality sleep
Please join didgeridoo master John Groves and yogi Nina Cambern for an amazing grounding celebration of the approaching Winter Solstice. 
Music, yoga, meditation, friends and refreshments!
Join us for an unforgettable evening! 
$25 Everyone is welcome, no gym membership is required. Email for more information.

Show off your gym membership in style.

Tee's and tanks sporting the MSSF logo + "#TotalFittnesTotalTraining" are for sale at the front desk. Each costs $20. 

Zumba's gotten an upgrade.

The newest version of the Zumba craze takes the music-filled workout one step further with routines synced to each beat of specifically-crafted songs. Using your own body weight, you will improve muscular endurance, tone and definition. Your body will burn even more calories with the high intensity nature of the new class.

Strong by Zumba is at 5:30 pm Monday.

The November Sweat: The Details

In loving memory: Kathy Burman

Friends of Kathy Burman gathered at Mt Si Sports + Fitness last Sunday to remember their smiling friend and hiking companion. 

"She lived in the moment, she loved adventure," said Pat Persons, a friend of Kathy of 27 years. Persons said they traveled together to Ireland and Amsterdam as well as Kathy's timeshare in Sedona, Arizona. Their group of peers was tight-knit.

Friends of Kathy wrote notes on pieces of paper shaped like mountains, a symbol of her time spent enjoying the outdoors. The notes were displayed on the wall. 

Jodie Laakso described Kathy as the type to go all out in any situation, bringing up as proof a time Kathy packed wine and cheese on a backpacking trip to enjoy on the trail. Laakso said through rough personal trials, Kathy was there to lean on. 

"I pretty much credit her with saving me at a dark time in my life," said Laakso. 

All in all, folks at the celebration of life described Kathy Burnam as a shining light of positivity and a smiling face to all. 

"She would just say it like it is," said Lynn Grisham.

A Sound Celebration: Didgeridoo Yoga Melt: 

This special event features didgeridoo master John Groves and yogi Nina Cambern, combining the effects of ancient, earthly vibration with the grounding of Yin yoga. 

Bring your yoga mat and blanket to the special event at Mt Si Sports + Fitness December 18 at 7pm. For questions or requests, contact

New class Mondays: Strong by Zumba

The newest version of the Zumba craze takes the music-filled workout one step further with routines synced to each beat of specifically-crafted songs. Using your own body weight, you will improve muscular endurance, tone and definition. Your body will burn even more calories with the high intensity nature of the new class.

Strong by Zumba is at 5:30 pm Monday.

T Shirts for Sale

Represent Mt Si Sports in comfortable style with our new t-shirts and women’s tanks. The breathable material is charcoal grey, including the gym logo on the front and #TotalTrainingTotalFitness on the back.

Place your order for $20 at the front desk.

Member highlight: Michaele Riza and Frank the Seven-Legged Spider

Member Michaele Riza recently finished her children's book, Frank the Seven-Legged Spider--about a precocious, little spider who searches for his missing leg. It will be published by Little Bigfoot, an imprint of Sasquatch Books, and will be released in Fall 2017. 

The October Sweat: The Details


EZ8 Running Program

This is a fun running program geared towards women of all ages and fitness abilities. The ultimate goal is to be able to run an 8-minute mile with EASE. It’s not about being a track star or an elite athlete. It's about being the best YOU can be. You really learn how to run better and more efficiently. You will find yourself building relationships with other women who enjoy and have the same interests and goals.

You may call Coach Kimbrough directly at (425) 890-5037 or Also, connect with others interested in the program on Facebook.

This running program is unlike any other. There is NO COMPETITION. 


T-Shirts & Tanks

Represent Mt Si Sports in comfortable style with our new t-shirts and women’s tanks. The breathable material is charcoal grey, including the gym logo on the front and #TotalTrainingTotalFitness on the back. Place your order for $20 at the front desk.




New Classes – times TBA

Strong by Zumba

The newest version of the Zumba craze takes the music-filled workout one step further with routines synced to each beat of specifically-crafted songs. Using your own body weight, you will improve muscular endurance, tone and definition. Your body will burn even more calories with the high intensity nature of the new class.


Challenge yourself beyond traditional strength training with this total-body training class. BodyBURN will challenge your muscular endurance as well as balance and coordination by moving through all planes of motion with multi-joint and compound exercises using a variety of training equipment. This is a great complement to CardioTorch immediately before this class. Come ready to work, sweat and feel your muscles burn! 

Weight loss psychology

It's true that weight loss is physical and mental

Just not in the same way you might be thinking.

Many fitness opinion leaders - people ranging from celebrities to doctors - come out promoting certain diets, often touting them as miraculous and super-efficient. These diets come in different forms, from the protein-rich paleolithic diet to the gluten-free diet to the 21-day-fix. 

The cost of the "fad diet"

While these diets certainly work for some determined people, others denounce such restrictions and label these diets as fads which will inevitably pass through the fitness world. Fitness writer Sally Symonds wrote on her blog that diets such as these erase autonomy and and ignore our complexity as human beings. 

Weight loss science (link: NPR's Hidden Brain)

NPR's Hidden Brain podcast discusses social science research that you may have never thought of before. One episode explores the subtle ways our brains act around food. Here are some of the takeaways brought by different studies:

- Eating meals at a larger table will make each unit of food seem like more. College students who were served pizza on a larger table indeed ate less pizza. 

- Eating a large breakfast to start the day and a small dinner at the end of the day lead to more weight loss in women who were studied. 

- Being served at a restaurant by a heavier waiter/waitress will lead diners to order more food and drinks, based on a study of 500 diners. The same diners were four times as likely to order dessert. 

- Cheating on your diet (in planned, moderate doses) has the same effect as slowly releasing pressure from a valve, and actually helps a person stick to their diet by boosting morale. Those who never cheat on their diets are more likely to relapse. 


The grill mark's blessing

Veggies or meat, it tastes better -and is healthier- on direct heat 

It's not rocket science; meats on the grill are leagues healthier than a frying pan or oven. But why? 

On a grill, fat melts away and falls into the flame, instead of sitting in the pan and absorbing back into the meat. Additionally, meat cooked by direct flame actually retains more nutrients and proteins. This means each meal packs more of a punch and truly will act as fuel for physical activity. 

Indirect grilling methods also exist, and can be used to take away the char and grill marks but keep the smokiness. Salmon cooked on a plank is a prime example.

Not a meat eater? Veggies and fruits exposed to the heat of a grill taste sweeter, smokier and usually don't need to be salted or otherwise seasoned. Like meats, veggies with low water content and that are high in antioxidants will keep most of their nutrients compared to other cooking methods. 

Grilling slices of fruits and veggies are a fun way to introduce children to delicious, balanced meals. Avocados, peaches, bananas, sweet peppers and mushrooms will all go great with any types of meat or meat substitutes like tofu.

It's easy to do

A charcoal grill starts at about $20 on, a small price to pay for the smokey flavor that comes from quality coals. Although gas grills burn cleaner, you sacrifice low price and smokiness. 

Preheating your grill allows for time to prep your meats and veggies. Less can be more with grilling, as foods generally hold on to a lot of moisture and flavor from the intense heat. Try a bit of black pepper and fresh garlic.

Instead of adding salt to foods before cooking, add an item to your meal that is naturally high in salt. Veggies like celery and artichokes will add the saltiness you crave to your grilled meal.

Grilling goes hand-in-hand with activity

What better way to end a hike or a day playing soccer than grilling up some chicken and mushrooms? Maybe some tofu and zucchini? Steak and asparagus? Your aching muscles will welcome the nourishment from a pile of grilled vegetables. 

The portability of certain grills makes them a must-add to your day of outdoor activity. Cooking these meals on your own will make you feel much cleaner, too! 


15th Annual Chili Cookoff

Grab your apron. Things are about to get heated.

The Festival at Mt Si kicks off Friday, August 12. On Sunday, cooks of all skill levels will have the chance to prove their mettle at the Mt Si Sports Chili Cookoff. 

Packed with protein, a pot of chili represents a blank canvas on which any type of flavor can be painted. Will you go with a green chili with chicken? Or maybe a vegetarian white bean stew? The possibilities are endless. 

At the cook-off, teams will need to begin ALL prep ON-SITE. A kitchen is available to cut veggies and meats. This is to ensure an even playing field, and safe preparation. 

When the finishing bell rings, a panel of judges will taste each creation. Additionally, your chili will be available for tasting to the public in the popular vote. Armed with ballots, the public will decide, along with the judges, who's stew reigns supreme. 

This is a chance to truly get creative.

For more info and to download the registration PDF (, fill it out and mail it with your $35 registration fee. The fee is refundable, only after competing in the cook-off. 

Your Fitness Journeys: Sherri

It's the eye of the tiger, it's the thrill of the fight.

These words are often used to pump people up. Sherri Pipkin, of North Bend, said it's the song that played loudly in the front of her house as she finished her evening bike ride last Monday. 

"You know that song, Eye of the Tiger?" Pipkin asked. "They had it blasting. In the driveway, jumping up and down. I was just blown away by that." 

Pipkin visits Mt Si Sports + Fitness every weekday morning at 5 a.m. on the dot. 

"Everybody's asleep," Pipkin said, "that's my time. For me, this is like my antidepressant.

Motivated by her family and driven by tenacity, Pipkin said she got serious about her health four years ago, when she quit smoking cigarettes. Last Christmas, she received a fitness tracker as a gift. Since January, she has challenged herself to surpass the amount of steps taken by her friends and family. 

"It keeps me motivated. You see somebody and it's like 'oh they're getting ahead of me. I gotta go for a walk or for a bike ride.'"

Pipkin said she's constantly working on ways to up her fitness. She used to settle with one session in the gym per day, but said she continually ups the ante with added exercise daily. 

"I'm also raising my granddaughter right now, so I've got to be in tip-top shape for her. Those are things that motivate me. My family.


Sherri Pipkin sits on the Precor bicycle for her daily, early-morning workout at Mt Si Sports. 

Sherri Pipkin sits on the Precor bicycle for her daily, early-morning workout at Mt Si Sports. 

Introduction to group fitness

Need to ease into our group fitness classes?

We get it. It can be intimidating and difficult to jump into a class. That's why our trainer and instructor Monica Lynne has crafted a solution in the form of a NEW class: Intro to Group Fitness.

For six weeks, members and non-members can get settled into the group setting. Whether you're recovering from injury or just new to the group fitness scene, this class will get you ready to take advantage of the countless group fitness opportunities we have here at Mt Si Sports. So spread the word, tell your friends. 

Get foothills fit. 


Meet your trainers: Monica Lynne

Do what you love, and love what you do.

This is the motto that resonates with our trainer and instructor Monica Lynne. For years, Lynne has kept Washingtonians motivated to be their best selves through exercise and proper nutrition.

When Lynne was in her early twenties, she worked as an accountant, but felt unfulfilled with her work. After receiving a degree from Central Washington University, she took on a new role as a high school health teacher and a personal trainer.

“I like the people who come in and really want to be worked,” said Lynne, “What really keeps me motivated is the conversation between me and whoever wants help.”

Certified by the American College of Sports Medicine, Lynne is the proprietor of Balancing Life, a wellness organization that offers workshops for businesses and other groups on how to live as healthily as possible.

Lynne said she feels energized by chatting with clients about their needs and goals. Assisting others, she said, gives her the motivation to be the best she can be in turn.

An avid hiker, runner and lover of books, Lynne believes in fueling the body right for complete wellness. Her advice to those wanting to improve their fitness or diet is to make incremental changes on a consistent basis.

“Every small change you make has a ripple effect on other aspects of your life,” Lynne said.

Monica runs Spin Strength and Core Strength group fitness classes, and provides personal training to individuals. To book a personal session, visit the front desk.

Benefits of a gym membership

Trying to decide whether a membership to the gym is right for you? Here are a few reasons you should consider it.

  • Accountability. It's easy to make a resolution to improve your health by getting fit. After a few weeks of home-brewed workouts, things might start getting in the way. You may find there are too many distractions at home to reach your goals. Joining a gym gives you a place to escape the tensions of daily life and work on improving your focus, strength and willpower. Additionally, rain, sleet and snow will not get in the way of a day's activity when there is a bright, dry facility waiting for you.
  • Belonging. What better way to meet like-minded people than straining on a bench or sweating on a treadmill? Members have access to a huge selection of trainers and instructors to help them make friends while working out. Like yoga? Come meet the folks who attend our daily sessions. Want a muscle-building partner? Ask somebody to be your spotter. Attending a gym is great for bolstering one's social life.
  • Confidence. Not only does a regular workout improve cardiovascular and muscle health, but meeting goals also can improve self-esteem. The sense of accomplishment that comes with meeting successive goals will leave you feeling great about yourself and wanting to make more personal strides.
  • Mental Health. Depression and anxiety can be combatted with exercise. Physical activity releases endorphins and endocannabinoids in the brain, easing feelings of angst. It also can serve as a distraction from negative and a healthy coping mechanism for tragedy. Post-workout, most people feel more alert and more able to tackle challenges they might face.

Looking for Some Local Zen? Our Yoga Day-Cation Will Do the Trick!

We are so excited to present this awesome opportunity to enjoy some of these local gems! Join one of our resident yogis, Nina Cambern and her entourage of local service providers, as they take you on an all-day excursion that includes yoga, meditation, a hike, great food, a nutritional discussion and more.

Space is limited. Early bird pricing available until August 15th! To sign up, see the front desk.


Your Fitness Journeys: Jesse & Kevin

kevin (left) gets sassy with workout buddy, jesse (right).

kevin (left) gets sassy with workout buddy, jesse (right).

This is the beginning of a new series of blog posts we will be doing that profiles your journey toward fitness! We'll interview random members to get the low down on what brought them to the gym and how they stay motivated. Our hope is that it will speak to those of you out there who might be considering making a commitment to a healthier lifestyle and motivate you to take that initial step that is always the hardest!

MSSF: How did you both come to join Mt Si Sports + Fitness?

KEVIN: The gym at work is amazingly crowded.  Who wants to wait in lines to do a lift? Jesse originally got me to come to this gym and we started coming together when we realized we weren't getting good results from working out solo.

JESSE: I was looking for a gym that was a bit different. I always thought it was cool when people were working out in big industrial looking buildings or outside where it's not a perfect 68  air conditioned degrees all the time. Mt Si Sports + Fitness was really the first gym that kind of captured all that for me at once.

It's also laid out well. You've got the cardio people over there, the machine using crowd, the class takers, and the free weight guys. You have to keep us all separate, like Beta fish, or we fight. Despite my requests to shrink all of those sections except the free weights by 98%, they're still there. I'm finding ways to deal with that. :)

Additionally, the extra motivation of competing (and ultimately completely crushing in every conceivable way) Kevin in a competition was a big factor in finding a local gym.

MSSF: How are you doing in your challenge against each other?

KEVIN: Well, Jesse won the first round; but only because he cheated by not cheating.  We were within about .5% of each other most of the time until the last week or two when I stalled out.  Our next challenge will be improving our run times.

JESSE: The first of many challenges just recently ended. That was a sort of a "Biggest Loser" style weight loss challenge by % of body weight. We both attacked it the same way, by going on a very low carb diet. Kevin had a really unique take on his diet at times, where he also attacked cheese burgers and french fries with his face. 

KEVIN: First off, that cheeseburger was about to kill a school bus full of kids.  What would you do?  I did society a service by attacking it with my face.  Second, have you ever had a bad burger at 5 guys?  No, you haven't.

JESSE: Ultimately, I was able to edge him out. According to Kevin, it was by "about 0.5%" in body weight. That's pretty good math, if things like "accuracy" and "the truth" aren't a big deal to you. If those things DO matter, it was closer to a 2% different in total body weight lost. For myself that ended up being around 22 lbs total loss over 8 weeks.

While I could certainly lose the weight, a big goal of both of ours was to gain muscle mass and just improve our athletic abilities overall. That's prompted a few additional challenges. 

We're starting up a running challenge currently, which is designed to help Kevin improve his PT scores for the Army, and I'm trying to convince him to start a body fat % competition, via hydrostatic testing, to more accurately help achieve both our goals of increased lean mass and decreased body fat.

MSSF: If you were asked to motivate someone thinking about joining the gym to get in shape, how would you do it?

KEVIN: Definitely get a partner to workout with who supports your goals (and you support theirs), it'll improve your commitment by about a thousand percent.  Jesse and I had different workout plans for awhile so it was hard to support each other; we had the same goals, but not the same plan.  Once we got on the same plan we immediately saw physical and motivational improvements.

Set specific goals and develop a plan that supports them.  Wanting to "lose weight" is different from wanting to lose 20lbs in 2 months by cutting carbs and working out 4 days a week.  We both set body weight goals and have a diet/exercise plan to support them.

Accept that you will have to make life changes.  I can demolish a pint of ice cream sitting in front of a TV, but committing to losing weight and adding lean muscle mass means giving that up.  It doesn't mean giving up TV or Ice cream completely, it's about realizing your priorities need to change.  I want to lose the extra weight and become more fit so I have to reduce the habits that encourage a sedentary and unhealthy lifestyle.

Make fitness a habit.  Park farther away from the store; always take the stairs; go for walks every day.  Set your training plan, then plan everything else around it.  Aside from a plague or a crippling injury let anything stop you from hitting the gym.

JESSE: Kevin's suggestions were all definitely good ones. Get a partner with similar goals and motivate each other to stick with it. Chip away at lifestyle changes and when you fall off the wagon, jump right back on. One bad meal or bad choice doesn't define you. Despite Kevin getting into a face fight with some junk food, he still lost over 12 lbs. He didn't quit. That means more than any cheat meal that happened along the way. Showing up is 99% of it. The rest will take care of itself. 

For me, what really started the conversation with Kevin that ultimately lead us  to here was watching a quick video by Joe Rogan, called "Be The Hero of Your Own Movie". It just really spoke to me about what would the best version of myself be doing right now. What would he choose to do tomorrow, and a week from now? You have the power to be that person, every decision of every day. So do that.

I also get motivation through seeing other people who've been successful, big or small. I get motivation each week Kevin and I hit the gym and set a new PR, and I get motivated every time I see someone new join the gym. They are where we all started, and I want to see them show up and work towards whatever version of success they're after. That person is the hero of their movie.

Inaugural Wellness Event & Open House!

Hey, y'all!

We are so excited to unveil our new blog and also highlight our upcoming event! We have worked diligently to put together some amazing deals on membership, provide you with nutritional support, demonstrations on easy, healthy meal prep, opportunities to consult with our incredible personal trainers, body fat testing, the list goes on.

For the first time, we are opening this event up to the public. This means that members have the opportunity to bring their family and friends and share the awesomeness that is Mt Si Sport + Fitness! Not only that, members will receive half off of one month of dues for referring someone who ultimately signs up.

The Main Event

We are pleased to welcome back our MSSF 12-Week Challenge! Being a part of the challenge is a fun, engaging way to get healthy! You will have exclusive access to deals on personal training and membership at the gym if you are not a member already. We're offering 6-packs, 12-packs and 24-packs at steeply discounted rates; 25%, 30%, and 35% off respectively to help you reach your goals across the Challenge and beyond. You'll have a chance to win great prizes, make new friends and get whipped into shape just in time for summer!

To get you started, we are offering two opportunities throughout the day of the event to get detailed information on where you stand from a fitness and nutrition perspective so that you have a baseline to build on across the 12 weeks. These are unique opportunities to learn about your body and help you get started on a path to better health.



7am - 1pm Mobile Hydrostatic Body Fat Testing Clinic

Brian Lee of will be conducting both the Hydrostatic Body Fat Test and Dexa Bone Density Screening. Both tests are highly accurate, non-invasive and a phenomenal pre-cursor to the Challenge.

Hydrostatic Body Composition Test

Described as the most accurate method available. It is used by NASA, the NFL, NCAA and the MLB. It has been featured on shows like The Biggest Loser, Celebrity Fit Club, Workout and The Doctors. You will go under water for approximately 7 seconds in 90-degree water that is chlorinated and highly filtered. You'll need to bring a bathing suit and towel. You will walk away with a details report including your body composition, data supporting an accurate achievable goal, your unique Resting Metabolic Rate based on lean mass and your unique caloric burn with exercise.

DEXA Bone Mineral Density Test

This is a non-invasive, painless and accurate test to measure the density of your bones. Low bone density often goes undetected and increases your risk of fracture. If known, the condition can be reversed. Bone density peaks between the ages of 25-30 so it is prudent to have a bone scan done early to establish a baseline.


1pm - 4pm Simplicity Nutrition - Erin Yaseen, MS, RD

Erin will incorporate a base-line Bio-electrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) during the event to measure your nutrient absorption (measures your cell membrane and what level you absorb nutrients), detox capability and fat flushing ability, basal metabolic rate, total body water, water absorption, water retention and bone mineral content. Nutrient absorption is really the ultimate goal when it comes to food and eating, at least from a health standpoint. If the nutrients from the foods we eat are not absorbed, our bodies will not function properly. Water retention is a measure of inflammation and detoxification capability. If your cell membrane is not healthy even "healthy" food is not delivered into your cells therefore creating a vicious cycle of sugar cravings, inflammation and weight gain. If you are retaining water, you may not be flushing the fat you are trying to lose. Erin will give you practical nutrition advice on how to enhance your cell membrane, improve water balance and set yourself up for success.  

Demo Events

9:30am-10:30am Free Yoga Class wih Carlye Lowell

Join Carlye for an hour of her popular Power Yoga class (regularly available for free to members every Saturday)! If you're not a member, this is a great opportunity to come and sample the offerings of our growing Mind Body Studio at Mt Si Sports + Fitness.

10:30am-11:30am Easy, Healthy Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner with Jeff Hughes

Come and see Chef Jeff of Leaf Catering and he will take you through some very quick ways to make healthy meals with everyday ingredients. Trainer Monica will be giving a narrative while Jeff cooks and also available to answer nutritional questions along the way.

10:00am - 12:00pm Personal Training Q&A with Monica Lynne

12:00pm - 2pm Strength Assessments with Trevor Dolan

Open Gym

Come on down and try us on for size. The gym will be open to tour and try all day. Our friendly staff will be on hand to show you around our 14,000 square foot facility and answer any questions you might have about classes and membership perks. Just check in at the front desk and get signed up for your 1-day pass and you're good to go!

Membership Specials & Referral Program

Event day only, we are offering waived enrollment on month-to-month sign ups! (Although if you call, we might extend this offer ahead of time!) If you are a current member and you refer someone who ultimately signs up, you are eligible for half off up to 3 months of dues within a 12-month period. So bring your friends!

We hope to see you here!