The grill mark's blessing

Veggies or meat, it tastes better -and is healthier- on direct heat 

It's not rocket science; meats on the grill are leagues healthier than a frying pan or oven. But why? 

On a grill, fat melts away and falls into the flame, instead of sitting in the pan and absorbing back into the meat. Additionally, meat cooked by direct flame actually retains more nutrients and proteins. This means each meal packs more of a punch and truly will act as fuel for physical activity. 

Indirect grilling methods also exist, and can be used to take away the char and grill marks but keep the smokiness. Salmon cooked on a plank is a prime example.

Not a meat eater? Veggies and fruits exposed to the heat of a grill taste sweeter, smokier and usually don't need to be salted or otherwise seasoned. Like meats, veggies with low water content and that are high in antioxidants will keep most of their nutrients compared to other cooking methods. 

Grilling slices of fruits and veggies are a fun way to introduce children to delicious, balanced meals. Avocados, peaches, bananas, sweet peppers and mushrooms will all go great with any types of meat or meat substitutes like tofu.

It's easy to do

A charcoal grill starts at about $20 on, a small price to pay for the smokey flavor that comes from quality coals. Although gas grills burn cleaner, you sacrifice low price and smokiness. 

Preheating your grill allows for time to prep your meats and veggies. Less can be more with grilling, as foods generally hold on to a lot of moisture and flavor from the intense heat. Try a bit of black pepper and fresh garlic.

Instead of adding salt to foods before cooking, add an item to your meal that is naturally high in salt. Veggies like celery and artichokes will add the saltiness you crave to your grilled meal.

Grilling goes hand-in-hand with activity

What better way to end a hike or a day playing soccer than grilling up some chicken and mushrooms? Maybe some tofu and zucchini? Steak and asparagus? Your aching muscles will welcome the nourishment from a pile of grilled vegetables. 

The portability of certain grills makes them a must-add to your day of outdoor activity. Cooking these meals on your own will make you feel much cleaner, too!