15th Annual Chili Cookoff

Grab your apron. Things are about to get heated.

The Festival at Mt Si kicks off Friday, August 12. On Sunday, cooks of all skill levels will have the chance to prove their mettle at the Mt Si Sports Chili Cookoff. 

Packed with protein, a pot of chili represents a blank canvas on which any type of flavor can be painted. Will you go with a green chili with chicken? Or maybe a vegetarian white bean stew? The possibilities are endless. 

At the cook-off, teams will need to begin ALL prep ON-SITE. A kitchen is available to cut veggies and meats. This is to ensure an even playing field, and safe preparation. 

When the finishing bell rings, a panel of judges will taste each creation. Additionally, your chili will be available for tasting to the public in the popular vote. Armed with ballots, the public will decide, along with the judges, who's stew reigns supreme. 

This is a chance to truly get creative.

For more info and to download the registration PDF (http://www.festivalatmtsi.org/chili.php), fill it out and mail it with your $35 registration fee. The fee is refundable, only after competing in the cook-off.