The November Sweat: The Details

In loving memory: Kathy Burman

Friends of Kathy Burman gathered at Mt Si Sports + Fitness last Sunday to remember their smiling friend and hiking companion. 

"She lived in the moment, she loved adventure," said Pat Persons, a friend of Kathy of 27 years. Persons said they traveled together to Ireland and Amsterdam as well as Kathy's timeshare in Sedona, Arizona. Their group of peers was tight-knit.

Friends of Kathy wrote notes on pieces of paper shaped like mountains, a symbol of her time spent enjoying the outdoors. The notes were displayed on the wall. 

Jodie Laakso described Kathy as the type to go all out in any situation, bringing up as proof a time Kathy packed wine and cheese on a backpacking trip to enjoy on the trail. Laakso said through rough personal trials, Kathy was there to lean on. 

"I pretty much credit her with saving me at a dark time in my life," said Laakso. 

All in all, folks at the celebration of life described Kathy Burnam as a shining light of positivity and a smiling face to all. 

"She would just say it like it is," said Lynn Grisham.

A Sound Celebration: Didgeridoo Yoga Melt: 

This special event features didgeridoo master John Groves and yogi Nina Cambern, combining the effects of ancient, earthly vibration with the grounding of Yin yoga. 

Bring your yoga mat and blanket to the special event at Mt Si Sports + Fitness December 18 at 7pm. For questions or requests, contact

New class Mondays: Strong by Zumba

The newest version of the Zumba craze takes the music-filled workout one step further with routines synced to each beat of specifically-crafted songs. Using your own body weight, you will improve muscular endurance, tone and definition. Your body will burn even more calories with the high intensity nature of the new class.

Strong by Zumba is at 5:30 pm Monday.

T Shirts for Sale

Represent Mt Si Sports in comfortable style with our new t-shirts and women’s tanks. The breathable material is charcoal grey, including the gym logo on the front and #TotalTrainingTotalFitness on the back.

Place your order for $20 at the front desk.

Member highlight: Michaele Riza and Frank the Seven-Legged Spider

Member Michaele Riza recently finished her children's book, Frank the Seven-Legged Spider--about a precocious, little spider who searches for his missing leg. It will be published by Little Bigfoot, an imprint of Sasquatch Books, and will be released in Fall 2017.